Unveil the secrets of building wealth in U.S. real estate from anywhere in the world, as revealed by Mark 'MJ' Jackson.

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Journey through the inspiring tales of individuals who turned virtual investments into tangible success. Discover strategies, learn from real-world experiences, and pave your way to financial triumph with our groundbreaking eBook.

" The allure of passive income through virtual investing was too hard to resist, especially when we could see our monthly interest payment pouring in..."
-Ann & Tim Miller

Volume No 1

In this journey, you'll discover how everyday Americans, guided by my expertise, transformed into successful real estate investors. From professionals to first-time investors, these stories highlight resilience and strategic prowess in the U.S. real estate market. Each narrative is not just a financial triumph but a practical blueprint for success, showcasing the powerful impact of expert mentorship in realizing real estate dreams.
  • Real-Life Investor Journeys: I share with you diverse stories from people of all backgrounds, showing you that success in real estate is achievable for everyone.
  • Strategies from the Field: You'll get an inside look at my unique investment strategies, offering you practical, actionable steps to navigate the U.S. real estate market successfully.
  • Blueprint for Success: Dive into how each investor applied my guidance to achieve real success, turning investments into profits and financial dreams into realities.
  • ​Personal Growth and Triumphs: These stories highlight not just financial gains but personal transformations, showcasing real challenges and the moments that changed everything.
  • Embracing Digital Tools: I emphasize how integrating digital tools with traditional methods can significantly enhance your real estate investing journey.

Would I have preferred to cross paths with MJ sooner? Undoubtedly. 
-Salena Kulkarni

Volume No 2

This volume showcases the inspiring journeys of international investors who have successfully navigated the U.S. real estate market. These stories go beyond financial gains, highlighting the triumphs of crossing borders and mastering investment in a foreign land, all under expert guidance.
  • Global Perspectives: I bring you inspiring stories from international investors, offering a global viewpoint on U.S. real estate investing.
  • Cross-Border Strategies: Learn about the unique strategies and methods used by international investors to succeed in the U.S. market.
  • Overcoming Challenges: These narratives delve into the specific challenges faced by international investors and how they turned these into opportunities.
  • Universal Investment Lessons: Regardless of where you are in the world, the lessons from these stories are universal, providing you with knowledge that transcends borders.
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Former Coaching Student under MJ 
Seattle, WA

MJ helped me fix all my real estate investments spread from Alaska to Arkansas while I was living in Anchorage. His patience and expertise as a former appraiser were the keys to my success. Thank you for bringing Investor Success Stories to life. Everyone needs to know what is possible through virtual real estate investing.


St Andrews, Scotland

The cost of investing in real estate in the UK didn’t allow me to spread my risk. MJ showed me the power of smaller, less costly tertiary housing markets to invest in across the US. The results MJ helped me to achieve in both passive income and wealth growth for my family have been life altering.


InvestorComps member, 
Houston, TX

I have been waiting for MJ to share the good success achieved by those he has guided. These two books are long overdue.

Dr. Walter

InvestorComps VIP+ Member, 
Madison, WI

If you are like me and had to find an alternative to the madness of the stock market, then Investor Success Stories is exactly what you need to read and now.
Discover inspiring tales of shared success 

Merril Rowe

“Hi I’m Merril Rowe, I’m at Freedom Founders Elite Event that’s being hosted by ADHD. It’s been an awesome experience, the concern that everyone has shown me has just made me feel very comfortable in a new experience for me, investing in Real Estate.” 

Tim & Ann Miller

“It’s Tim & Ann Miller here. We just want to thank you for everything you did for us on our first 4 lending deals. You were amazing, you made life so much easier for us, and took some of the scariness away for me. So we really appreciate it. We appreciate you, thank you for all you do.”

Randy & Jody Thievierge

“We just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that went into getting our deals together and keeping things smooth and giving us an opportunity to participate in the wonderful opportunities that you folks can create, so we can advance to our freedom goals. Thank you very much.”

Sushma Singh

"Firstly it’s a great deal. Secondly, MJ and Rosemarie provide concierge level service. They do what they say. The paperwork was a breeze and I am definitely looking forward to doing more investments with them."


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